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10 Odd Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Recycled

10 Odd Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Recycled

10 Odd Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Recycled

When it comes to recycling it’s pretty easy to figure out what to do with that can or bottle but have you ever wondered if your asthma inhaler is recyclable? Below is a small example of the many odd recyclables you probably had no idea existed; able to go back into the production line, saving energy and waste.


According to Earth 911, there’s about 300 million golf balls sent to the landfill every year. That’s enough to make a straight line from Los Angeles to London!

Thankfully, now golf balls can be sent to Dixon Golf for full recycling and money off when Dixon balls are recycled and repurchased.

Vino Fixes

Millions of wine corks are discarded daily while others are saved in large jars as a conversation piece (or bragging rights). Most don’t realize that cork is a highly sustainable material and when recycled can be made into sheets of prefabricated tiling used for flooring or even walls, automotive parts, insulation, sports equipment and shoe soles.

Drop off your corks for recycling at a local Whole Foods or look for companies like Terracycle, Yemm and Hart, ReCork and SOLE.

The Thrill is Gone

Maybe you don’t need that fourth grade spelling bee trophy anymore. Now the company Lambawards accepts old metal and plastic trophies to be melted down and reused in new trophies for other fourth graders ready to raise their’s above their head.

Pesky Peanuts

Styrofoam packing peanuts are being phased out but if you end up with a box full, recycle them. Your local UPS, FEDEX or other shipping store will usually be happy to take them off your hands for packaging reuse.

Bedroom Bonanza

From vibrators to anal beads, sex toys can actually be recycled. Once sterilized and sorted, mechanical parts are refurbished while silicone, plastics and rubbers are ground up and remolded.

The company Sex Toy Recycling offers repurchase reward incentives when you send them your recycling donation.


From batteries to VCR’s techno-trash no longer needs to make its way to a local landfill. Now, companies like GreenDisk accept all sorts of items that were once considered non-recyclable.

This trash is either refurbished or broken down to be used in new products. GreenDisk reports close to 100% of donated techno-trash is reused or recycled without ever being sent overseas to be disposed of or sold.

Some usable techno-trash includes:

Media – DVD’s, CD’s, Blu-ray and floppy disks

Ink – Toner cartridges

Computer – Hard drives, zip drives and jump drives

Small electronics – iPods, digital cameras and cassette players

Breathe Right

Asthma inhalers can be brought to pharmacies participating in the GlaxoSmithKline “Complete the Cycle” Campaign.

Love Your Leggings

Pantyhose and tights are a recyclable material able to be used in unexpected remolds like park benches, carpet, playground equipment, toys and rope. Inspired by Nike’s successful sneaker recycling program, the hosiery company No Nonsense accepts your pantyhose donations.

Pucker Up

The cosmetic company MAC offers a free lipstick when packaging from 6 of their products are returned for recycling. Also, try Origins who will accept packaging from any cosmetic company offering you a free sample in return.

Shed the Light

If your holiday lights are on their last strand, send them off to HolidayLEDs a company that accepts donations year round. The best thing is that when you donate, you automatically get a 15% coupon for an LED light repurchase. LED’s (light emitting diodes) are considered the greenest light source to date.

As the going green mission continues so too will its recycling efforts. These odd recyclables are some of many things you may now rethink before you toss. Hopefully, the more that consumers and companies realize such a happy medium can be had, the more chances our future generations will have to walk on a healed planet.

Did we miss anything? Can you think of an other odd recyclables?

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