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76 National Days to Easily Promote on Social Media

76 National Days to Easily Promote on Social Media
76 National Days to Easily Promote on Social Media

I always think these days are interesting. Someone has dreamed up a day to celebrate practically everything!
So true, Michele. Tomorrow is “I Love Yarn” Day. Something I will be happy to celebrate. ^_^
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Hi, Janice. Thank you. I enjoy this linky a lot. Finding so many great writers along the way. ^_^
Sprout Social #HashtagHolidays Infographic Plus Tips for Selecting & Using Them
Inside you’ll find Sprout Social’s Infographic with 76 National Days. Many are popular days on social media like doughnut day, taco day, or Star Wars day. Others are a bit obscure like Civic Day of Hacking (June4 #HackforChange).
Planning social content for an entire year can be a bit challenging. After working with clients to prepare content calendars, I know holidays, observances, and just plain weird days for nearly every day of the year. If there isn’t a day, just make it up!
After taking a look at the graphic, Pin on Pinterest, Share on Twitter (using #hashtagholidays @socialsprout), and be sure to say hi to Darryl when visiting the blog post. Grab the code to share it with your audience and download the PDF too.
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3 Tips For Selecting & Using Days of the Year
1. Be selective when choosing
Andrew Mucci says to “pick niche holidays that relate more to your industry”. He also mentions that it may be beneficial to choose lesser known days to increase your chances of being heard in a loud social world.
2. Do Your Research
Find out about the day, who created it, how and when it started, as well as a few facts about the day, celebration, or cause. This way you can create a variety of images for multiple networks.
3. Add Your Unique Spin
Most will select a day, add the name and date to the graphic, share it and consider it done. Stand out! Commission a coloring page, an interactive quiz, a short explainer video, or host a giveaway or fundraiser.
Source: http://sproutsocial.com/insights/national-days/ Darryl Villacorta
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Original article and pictures take http://saraduggan.me/76-national-days/ site

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