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9 things you miss doing for Halloween because you’re too old and it SUCKS!

9 things you miss doing for Halloween because you’re too old and it SUCKS!

9 things you miss doing for Halloween because you’re too old and it SUCKS!

It is the arguably the best holiday of all…… HALLOWEEN!

And sadly it’s true that Halloween is strictly for the young at heart.

As depressing as it is, you are now most likely too OLD for Halloween and frankly it sucks.

Here are 9 fun Halloween treats you miss doing….

#1 Trick-or-treating

Obviously, this is the main thing we all miss doing.

Those were the days where you’d go Trick-or-treating dressed up in your best costume for free sweets and chocolate.

We miss how simple life was.

#2 Bobbing for apples

Standard Halloween party game- bobbing for apples.

Back in the day, it was fun to try and bob for an apple but now you have developed a fear of drowning it’s not so fun.

#3 Dressing Up

Frankly, everyone loves dressing up and if you don’t what’s wrong with you?!

Maybe it stems back to childhood parties where you’d try to dress and impress your peers.

Or perhaps nights out at Uni upped your costume game.

Either, way we really miss dressing up, fancy dress party anyone?

#4 Ghost Stories

When you were younger telling ghost stories was the highlight of every sleepover you attended.

Even more so on Halloween.

Everyone only ever knew just one ghost story which was repeated over and over again.

But you loved it anyway! And frankly, ghost stories just don’t cut it anymore.

#5 Pumpkin Carving

When you were 10 you enjoyed nothing more than scoring some spooky expressions into your pumpkin.

Yet, in reality, your parents did it for you and you claimed the credit.

Plus, think of all the nutritional value you’re wasting by carving it instead of turning it into a delicious soup.

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#6 Sparklers

Lighting a sparkler was one of the best things about Autumn, either on Halloween or Bonfire night.

It would be the highlight of your day without a doubt.

You still yearn for one last sparkler! The thrill never leaves you…

#7 Parties

You miss the multiple Halloween parties you use to attend as a child.

Once again you miss the dressing up and bobbing for apples (even if you do have a fear of drowning).

#8 Fireworks displays

Who can beat em hey?

Without a doubt, it was a highlight of your childhood yet now you’d rather be snuggled up inside in the warm.

Ooooo, Ahhhhh

#9 Knock down ginger

The game with several names (the majority ridiculous). Everyone

Everyone knows the drill to this game, you run up to someone’s door, ring the bell and RUN!

If you attempted it now you’d fail massively…

1. Because your running speed isn’t what it once was. 2. You would feel awful even attempting it.

Happy Halloween everybody!!

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