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A Guide For Proper Place Settings

A Guide For Proper Place Settings

A Guide For Proper Place Settings

SO pretty. I need to take a calligraphy class

Glad to see while at an event last week, I went for the right side water when everyone else clearly went to the left. And someone taught me (no clue who) at a very young age, FORK has 4 letters and so does LEFT. Only way I’ll ever remember that.

Great guide and love the calligraphy!

xo Jessica

My Style Vita

how helpful! thanks for sharing!

These reminders are always a good idea! Great setup!


The styling of these guides is so cute, this will be good to have on hand – I always forget this kind of stuff!

This is amazing. I love you for doing this!

Love this guide for informal and formal dining! The table setting is beautiful – love the combination of colors!

Where did you find the blue “white” wine glass? It looks great.

It’s from Vintage English Teacup, she scours the world for them.

Thank you dear friend, miss you! xo

And I heart you doll! xo

I always forget it too, and I wanted an easy way to remember. Enjoy! xo

Thanks darling! xo

Of course! xo

I always forget something so I did this as much for myself as everyone else! xo

Thanks darling, and that’s how my husband remembers it! xo

Me too! I actually bought one and haven’t taken it yet! xo

Thank you, I’m not sure if she has all of her inventory on her site, I would message her directly. xo

What a great guide. Helpful and pretty…thank you!

Thanks doll!

I love the font you are using in this post, do you have a link to it?! Thanks!

The calligraphy? It was handwritten by Jamie Jimenez from Yours Is The Earth. xo

The styling and lettering on this is just adorable! Well done!

No matter how many times I set a table I always find myself asking what side of the plate does the fork go on again? So I thought, that’s it I’m creating a guide. A beautiful guide of course. A guide complete with formal, informal, and accompaniment place settings and one that includes the calligraphy talents of Jamie Jimenez, tableware by Vintage English Teacup, and the photography skills of Rustic White. So my Loves next time you find yourself wondering where the wine glass goes, well we have your answer. truly, MKR

Concept & Styling, Waiting On Martha || Photography, Rustic White || Calligraphy, Jamie Jimenez || Place Settings, Vintage English Teacup || Silverware, West Elm

Original article and pictures take http://waitingonmartha.com/formal-place-settings/#_a5y_p=1614876 site

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