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Allsorts Black & White Edition by Bond, Finland

Allsorts Black & White Edition by Bond, Finland

Allsorts Black & White Edition by Bond, Finland

Bond continue to work with Scandinavian confectionery brand Cloetta, owner of liquorish brand Allsorts, on the packaging for their Allsorts Black & White edition. The packaging for Allsorts’ originals range looked to bring the distinctive shapes and colours of the liquorice to the forefront using geometric forms and bright colour, enhanced by the black background of a simple card box. It was an approach rightly described by Bond as being bold and playful.

The new edition forgoes colour, reflecting the black and white-only version of the liquorice. While a simple concept and design, the effectiveness of packaging, absent colour, is a testament to the distinctive qualities of the confectionery and Bond’s confidence just to rely on this. The aesthetic holds up well in this new iteration, remaining clearly identifiable and memorable, while the use of a silver ink works to add a sense of quality to some simple but iconic forms. See more work by Bond on BP&O.

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