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Learn Why WP Updates Matter for You and Your Readers

Learn Why WP Updates Matter for You and Your Readers

Learn Why WP Updates Matter for You and Your Readers

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Did you know that only 25% of WordPress Blogs Are Up-to-Date?

This is a shocking statistic considering how many people use WordPress for blogging and business. As I work on client’s websites I find many don’t keep their sites updated. Consequently, their sites are open to attacks. [source: sucuri]

Learn Why WP Updates Matter for You and Your Readers

Security Alert- Don’t Ignore The Little Red Numbers [The Importance of Updates]

Most vulnerabilities on are preventable. Things like having a secure password and continually updating software and plugins help. Most people lack the time to run updates while others fear something will break. As a result, sites sit open ready for scrupulous attackers.

Lose the Fear

You are more than capable of updating your site. If time is a problem, hire an assistant or ask a friend or relative to help you. It’s your responsibility to keep your site safe for you and your readers.

6 Steps to an Up-to-Date WordPress Site:

Do a FULL backup. This makes it possible to get your site up again.

Do one update at a time. This way if something does go wrong, you have a greater chance of knowing whether it was a plugin, a theme, or the WP update.

Don’t ignore the little red numbers. If you’re not confident about doing it yourself, ask someone to do it for you.

Review your current list of Plugins. Do you really need them? Delete the ones you don’t use.

Set a reminder on your calendar or phone.

Add an auto backup plugin to your site. This way you always have the latest version of your database and blog.

Following the above tips will ensure that your site is always up-to-date and decrease the chances of insecurities.

Still, don’t care about your updates? Then, please, please, please, invest in WPEngine or another managed host. Your site will run faster and all the updates are taken care – simple huh?

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