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Mathias Dahlgren Edition

Mathias Dahlgren Edition

Mathias Dahlgren Edition

Creative Agency: Essen International

Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

The problem

Grand Hôtel Stockholm, retailer Dafra and chef Mathias Dahlgren wanted to develop a modern set of kitchen appliances.

Our ambition

We are of course huge fans of Mathias and had the ambition to translate his culinary vision and creativity into a modern packaging concept that pushed creativity but could stand the test of time.

Our process

We partnered with Grand Hôtel Stockholm, Dafra and Mathias Dahlgren to create the brand Mathias Dahlgren Edition. We created the packaging concept, collateral and handled the production.

The result

Minimalism at its best. A concept condensing the necessary information at point of purchase, size, and the cooking itself. Why make it complicated?

Original article and pictures take http://www.notey.com/@packagingoftheworld_unofficial/external/12247516/mathias-dahlgren-edition.html?utm_content=buffer38ffe&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer site

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