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Our Family’s Recent Holiday Cards

Our Family’s Recent Holiday Cards

Our Family’s Recent Holiday Cards

I am going to try that snow idea. With little ones, I can never take a good picture. They just battle me, or pout, or cry or run the other direction! Maybe if I make it fun like this, they will be into it! Thanks for the idea.

Such a FUN post, my friend. Even as a photog myself, I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas!

It is almost that time again! Love all of these suggestions. I’m hoping a dear friend of mine mightt photograph my family…a friend with lots of great ideas! Hope she is up for it?!?!?!

Hmmm… I am thinking that I’m that friend?! :) You know I’d love to take some pictures for your family any time! I will start practicing my funny dances and silly faces to get the best smiles out of you guys–adults included :)

I LOVE this post!! I totally got my last year Christmas card idea from here, and I’m sure I’ll be looking to you for more inspiration this year!!! :)

SUCH great ideas here. I will definitely have to tap into these as the holidays draw near and that “dreaded” time comes…for Christmas card pictures! : ) Thanks a bunch for sharing.

What great ideas! Now I just have to convince my family to pose for one of these! lol!

That’s always the hardest part!! Ha! :) Thanks for the note!

What a great collection of fun Christmas pictures. I love the one with the kids laying down on the floor acting like they are part of the tree. Very creative.

Thanks for sharing!

Great round up! I didn’t see anything like this though… :-) This was our 4 year old’s drawn bodies with our heads added to the top. I’m not sure how to top this card this year… thanks for the inspiration!


LOL! Very creative. :) That one is definitely hard to top! Thanks for sharing!

This is such a great roundup – thanks for sharing! I included a link to this in a post today on a frugal and creative photo holiday card strategy (hint: it involves the ideas above where the greeting is included in the photo). More on that here: http://hintmama.com/2013/12/18/todays-hint-a-creative-frugal-photo-holiday-card-strategy/

Thanks, Jennifer! I checked out your post… great ideas! Take care, and thanks for sharing my post over on your site! :)

I’m a Northwestern University senior and I just wanted to say I love that you’re a Harvard grad and so happy with being a stay at home. Makes me feel better about my stay-at-home mom desires <3

Haley, I almost went to Northwestern myself! Such a beautiful school. I was all set to go, and then I changed my mind. Being from Minnesota, I was worried about leaving the Midwest, but ultimately I decided to head to Boston! Being at home hasn’t been all roses, and I have certainly questioned my choice along the way… but after 11 years of raising kids now, I can say with much more confidence that I know I’m in the right place for me. I wouldn’t change a thing! :) Best of luck with wherever life takes you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Holidays!

These are all so cute Christmas ideas.

Such a great post my dear, I really inspired by your ideas and I found myself interested on applying it for my card designs . thanks for sharing :) Cheers !!

These are all great ideas but almost none for only child families that aren’t still babies. :(

It’s November… you know what that means! Yep. Time to start preparing for the holidays! Poor Thanksgiving. It never gets the attention it deserves.

When Halloween is over and I shift gears, one of the first things I start thinking about is my holiday cards. I love everything about “card season”–both designing my own cards and receiving them. There was a time I even made my own cards (I used to have a stationery-design business), but now I usually turn to Tiny Prints to do that for me. I love their cards, and I use them for almost all my stationery needs these days. I have also occasionally used Shutterfly for various cards, and I think Minted uses the most beautiful paper ever. After admiring others’ cards from Minted for several years, I decided to get my holiday cards this year from them. I must say that I love them so much!! My little girls say they are our best cards yet. :) They even came with these little vellum papers that you insert so that the ink from the pictures on the inside doesn’t transfer to the other side of the card where our names are signed. Brilliant!

Putting together a card to send out is something I truly enjoy. But I’m pretty sure that isn’t a universal feeling… so to help you brainstorm, I have compiled 100 photos under various themes to get you thinking.

As you’ll see, some of the pictures are sweet, some are creative, and some are downright hilarious. Getting a photo for your card doesn’t have to be the worst part of Christmas–have fun with it and think outside the box. The very first picture was sent to me by my friend a few years back. It was the result of a photo session gone bad. While that shot wasn’t what they were going for, they certainly succeeded in spreading some holiday cheer with their cards… I remember laughing so hard when we opened it!

So have an open mind, relax, and see how your pictures turn out. Even if they aren’t “perfect”, they just might be your favorite cards yet!

Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate/referral links. Please click here for further explanation.

* Kudos to all the talented photographers and bloggers from whom I collected these photos. If you see your photo here and it’s not sourced to you, or if anything should be corrected in any way, please let me know!! I really want to make sure everything in this post is as accurate as it can be. I hope this post sends a little traffic your way so others can be impressed by your fine work, too! :) Thanks for making this fun post possible!

Our Family’s Recent Holiday Cards

Original article and pictures take http://www.harvardhomemaker.com/100-photos-to-inspire-your-holiday-cards/ site

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